Information Technology costs typically constitute 2% of a company's revenue, but can exceed 12%, culminating in 2008 to U.S. $2.6-$3.0 trillion global investment. But the value derived from IT is questionable at best. In the current economic climate, the tendency is to focus IT investments on short-term profitability, starving growth under deflationary concerns. However, successful firms do not ignore valuable future business opportunities or long-term growth. Projecting confidence in future IT value increases the probability to invest now.

Greater management focus is being placed on evaluating and realizing shareholder value from IT investments, especially with worsening market conditions. Measuring and managing IT value has not changed with the times, contained and constrained within traditional financial-based and conventional organizational-based evaluation approaches. Executives are demanding a more business-value focused approach to IT delivery and evaluation.

Read & Associates is a boutique international IT value-based management and project delivery consultancy practice. The aim of the company is to provide simple solutions to complex IT problems, realizing IT value. The IT Value Network framework is the central tenet, connnecting 6 degrees of separation from IT investment to stakeholder economic value.

Our Value Proposition:

1. A proven framework to unlock and realize IT value, bridging the value gap between the CIO and business partners, especially the CFO and the Board
2. IT investment and spending optimized and realized for maximum shareholder value
3. IT value-based management processes, techniques and measures that delivers stakeholder economic value
4. IT projects delivered on-time & on-budget, minimizing business risk and delivering quality assurance
5. Decision-making alignment and consensus, with energized executive support and sponsorship
6. Team building around common goals, driving synergy, with a passion and a commitment to succeed

The Vision = IT VALUE and the Mission = VALUE IT.

Solutions & Services include:

IT Value-Based Management Consulting

  • Value Systems and Process Management
  • Strategic Planning and Portfolio Management
  • Capacity and Capability Management
  • Service Management and Information Management
  • System Management and Project Management
  • Networked Value Management

 PMO and Project Management

  • PMO Governance, Policy and Practice
  • Investment and Portfolio Management
  • Program Evaluation
  • Project Risk and Benefit Assessment
  • Project Performance Measurement and Value Realization
  • Project Planning and Delivery

 IT Research and Analysis

  • Benchmarking
  • Best Practice
  • Needs Assessment
  • Customer or Client Surveys
  • Focus Groups
  • Vendor Assessment

 IT Value-Based Workshops

  • The IT Value Network Framework
  • 6 Degrees of IT Value Management
  • IT Value Network Measurement Techniques
  • IT Value Maturity Model and Implementation Check List
  • CIO Value Proposition

Read & Associates is dedicated to realizing and delivering the value from IT projects and investments; providing demonstrable  and audited shareholder value.

Contact Details:

Read & Associates
Tony J. Read Ph.D., Managing Partner
905 342 2713 (O) 416 420 0770                                                                                                                

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