Problem Solver

"Tony is a great thinker. Working for Tony meant opportunity for change. I learned from Tony not just about the business but about thinking and learning in general."
Gwyneth Edwards, Strategy positions in R&D and IT, Nortel

"Tony is a fantastic communicator and facilitator. He is very knowledgeable, business savvy, and he’s has a TON of experience with ITIL frameworks, corporate governance, managing to show always clear ROI to it’s clients. He’s always looking for the clients actual (not perceived!) needs. It is always a pleasure to deal with Tony!"
Radu Vestemean, Owner, Knowledge4You

"Tony is one of the most articulate and passionate people that I have ever worked with. His ability to work with others to identify issues and devise clear, concise solutions to complex problems makes him an incredibly valuable asset to any corporate environment."
Dave Niles, President, Sunset Bay Technologies

"Tony and I worked together several times, and each time I was impressed. In the complex IT world, Tony really does know his stuff, and he knows how to make it simple, just like he says. Plus, if Tony says he can do it, he can do it, and you'll understand how he did it. I recommend him highly."
A. J. Fraties, Fraties Inc.

"Tony Read has provided some very valuable expertise, in helping our company with an IT transformation project. He brought very good skills and experience to the task, and was able to work under some very tight timelines."
Kim Schroeder, Convergys

"I have considered it an honour to have had the opportunity to work with Tony over the past few years. He brings a depth and breadth of experience that is unique and relevant. It never matters what the new challenge is, Tony reaches into his tool bag and pulls out an innovative, creative solution that is targeted at solving the core business issues. I would highly recommend Tony."
Andrew Obee, VP Operations, Meridian Credit Union

"Tony has always been a person who was technically knowledgeable but focused on how technology could solve business problems"
Jim Scimone, Owner, Access Staffing


"Tony Read is a brilliant IT strategist with vision, pragmatism and understands the value of business and IT working as a close ensemble jazz team, some beats may be off with the different instruments, but the value-based approach that Tony uses creates a unifying and sustaining beat."
Cindy Gordon, CEO Helix Commerce

"Tony has unique and well thought views on the strategic direction of IT within world class organizations."
Ali Hamza, Partner PricewaterhouseCoppers (PwC)

"Tony Read is a strategic thinker with significant depth and breadth of experience and subject matter expertise. Whether engaged in our banking system conversion planning, sourcing a call centre solution, or any number of other merger-related, the leadership Tony provided has been key to our success."
Dave Hammers, VP IT, Meridian Credit Union

"Tony is a great strategist with client focus, and he has a great ability for turning strategy into executable plans."
Gerry Stone, Managing Director / Vice President, CIBC

"Tony has an uncanny ability to understand, communicate, and deliver business value through the development and implementation of Information Technology strategies. His executive communication skills ensure that Information Services are always an integral part of the business strategic plan and tactical objectives. Tony is also an excellent mentor and inspires people to deliver results."
Rolando Santos, Director, Nortel Networks


"Excellent leader both in terms of managing his team to hit critical deadlines and meet tight budgets but also to deliver a quality product."
Carolyn Beatty, SVP, Online, Indigo Books & Music Inc.

"Tony is a true IT visionary with the creative talent to generate value to your company bottom line. Specifically Tony in less than 6 months developed an IT strategy, obtained board approvals through effective communication and followed through on project execution. Tony has the has a "roll-up the sleeves" commitment to match his vast IT credentials. He managed our different businesses needs into a cohesive IT solution which had a 125% improvement on customer sales and retention. The company also delivered higher customer service satisfaction and retention as a direct result of Tony's efforts."
Brian Reynolds, Managing Director/President, GBNet Corporation

"Tony is a true IT visionary who is an expert at aligning information technology to business strategy. His focus on investment management and operational excellence led to tremendous efficiency, effectiveness and optimization of the global IT organization at Nortel. Tony has a proven track record of how to rebuild IT to drive business transformation. I highly recommend partnering with Read & Associates.
Brett J. Lansing, Vice President, Information Systems & Services MetaSolv Software and IT Director Regional Services, Nortel Networks

"Tony is a forward thinking, business-oriented professional who goes beyond the request of his customers and constituents and strives to deliver technology solutions that meet their business needs. Tony is passionate about doing things differently and has the personality and intelligence to enable his customers to see the practical side of value creation when this is not evident even to them. Tony has created a unique and innovative way to build a methodology around information technology value creation that is trendsetting."
Dave Codack, Senior Director, Business Management & Finance, Nortel Networks

"Tony was one of the key champions for Nortel's first effort to equip Sales with laptops and solutions for interfacing with their customers. He straddled the fence between IT and the business and did an excellent job helping build a partnership between the two organizations. It was a large program spanning England, Canada and the US and Tony's knowledge and love for the challenge made us a success. Tony has great vision, and was a mentor to me at times as I was the overall PM to pull it together on the IT side. Given the opportunity I would join Tony's team anytime!"
Cheryl Miers, Senior Manager, Information Services, Nortel Networks


"I have worked with Tony for over 8 years. We first met when he was a hiring manger and I assisted him in finding talented employees. He was great to work with, offering excellent insight. The people I placed with him, respected him and were very complimentary about his management style and mentoring abilities. I later worked with him as a candidate. My clients found him to be very professional and sharp. I would highly recommend Tony for any permanent or contract position."
Ronna Zee, EVP & Partner, Steven Douglas Associates

"Tony and I worked as peers on an executive team reporting to the CIO of Nortel Networks. I always found Tony very easy to work with, had high energy with many good ideas that were effectively communicated. He has a great ability deal with tough issues directly. I would not hesitate to act as a reference for Tony."
Drew McNaughton, Vice President - Internal Networks, Nortel Networks

"Tony's depth of business knowledge was invaluable in assessing the various needs of the Nortel Networks Lines of Business. The professional relationships he maintained within and without the business were invaluable in ensuring the technical success as well as the client acceptance of the programs he managed."
Mike O'Keefe, Client Manager / North American Repairs & Remanufacturing, Nortel Networks

"Tony is the best manager at any level of my working career. Tony is excellent at implementing best practices in an organization. He brings definition and process to organizations. He is especially strong at defining the ROI of projects and moving an organization up the levels of the Capability Maturity Model."
Jack Leftwich, Director, Project Management, Shop At Home Networks and IT Manager, Nortel

"Tony's program/project management skills are extremely effective. He is excellent at being able to select appropriate team members for a project. He leads his team by patiently allowing his employees to grow, learn, produce and deliver. He promotes creative cooperation. He is extremely focused and productive because he directs 100% of his energies to the objective at hand. He is fair and compassionate to employees. He really listens. He constantly seeks to learn and understand new things. He is proactive, and always begins a project with the end in mind. He is organized and puts first things first. He is willing to compromise, and always thinks WIN/WIN when he negotiates. He is a trailblazer and pathfinder and able to empower those under him to meet any challenge and deliver. Dr. Read is the most balanced person I have ever met."
Rachel Franzetta, ROI Analyst, Nortel Networks

"Working with Tony was an exciting experience as he is always one step ahead looking for new ways to do things. At that time our organization was growing across the Latin American region and innovative ways of IT services delivery were necessary to fulfill the Corporation needs. Tony reorganized the team dynamically in order to achieve these goals."
Ali Naranjo, IS Prime, Nortel


"I worked with Tony when he was alliance leader for Nortel around the Clarify product. He is very clear thinker, proposes aggressive and practical solutions and was a very collaborative partner."
Robert Block, Consulting Partner, PwC

"Tony has an adaptable style that suits the complexity of a variety of projects. Tony is able to effectively evaluate requirements to apply the appropriate tools & techniques in establishing high performing teams that result in projects being successfully delivered on schedule and within budget. Plus he has a great sense of humour."
Cassandra Finn, Project Manager, Indigo Books & Music Inc.

"Tony was a strong, detail-oriented, advocate for the needs of the client and he ensured that project team members were accountable for results."
George O'Donnell, Project Manager / Managing Consultant, International Network Services

"Tony Read is one of the most dynamic and innovative professionals that I have had the pleasure of working with. Tony is a unique professional that elevates IT capabilities and works toward forging a new kind of relationship between IT and the business. On many occasions, Tony has indentified untapped IT potential and has delivered innovative solutions that have provided a true, measurable value to the organization. While working for Tony, I was most impressed with his confidence and strong motivation to achieve results. His motivation was not just directed towards project completion; Tony was also interested in having his team share in his vision and he worked hard to impress on his team the same level of enthusiasm and strong drive for achievement."
Paul Wright, Application Development Manager, Nortel Networks

"Tony was a key member of the IT Organization at Nortel and although his responsibilities were broad, he paid close attention to the needs of the end customer. Tony worked positively and proactively with the delivery team to ensure that the project met the customers expectations."
- Gary Hobin, Principal Systems Engineer, General Dynamics Canada, and VP IT Nortel Networks

Deliver Value

"If you need someone who combines a high level of business and technology knowledge and skill, knows how to get the job done, and can hit the ground running, you should consider meeting with Tony. His input and execution skills have been invaluable as we work through our merger conversion program."
Steve Gesner, CIO and SVP, Meridian Credit Union

"Tony has an incredible ability to execute and deliver on critical IT projects. He is a very capable business strategist and can deliver on operational matters, application and infrastructure implementation and deployment."
Andre Angel, CEO, CODEKKO Software, and VP IT Nortel Networks

"I highly recommend Tony as he is one of the few that has the vision and ability to deliver valued IT solutions. His keen ability in understanding issues (business & technical) and working through them until they have been resolved is incredible."
John Overland, IT Development Director, Nortel

"I relied on Tony for support on a number of projects, all of which involved IT investments. I trusted and depended on him to maximize value, whether from existing or new processes and infrastructure. In any project, execution is key, and Tony always delivered, achieving both business benefits and stakeholder value."
Tim Dempsey, Vice President, Learning Processes, Nortel Networks

"I reported to Tony and was very impressed with his executive, managerial, technical and people skills. Tony wasted no time conceptualizing and then re-aligning the entire IT organization. We went from total chaos to streamlined in 90 days, it was remarkable. I would gladly recommend him and work with him again if the opportunity presented itself."
David Cook, Director of MIS & Infrastructure, Convergence Communications

"Tony is fantastic. You'd be lucky to work with him"
Jonathan Ehrlich, EVP Online, Indigo Books & Music Inc.

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