The IT Value-Based Management Practice is focused on 6 degrees of IT Value:                                                                                                                                                                                 

1.Value Systems and Process Management                          4. Project Management and Systems  Management                      2.Strategic Planning and Portfolio Management                    5. Service Management and Information Management                   3.Capacity and Capability Management                                6. Networked Value Management                                              

The IT Value Framework 

Read & Associates is dedicated to realizing & delivering the value from IT projects & investments; ensuring demonstrable & audited shareholder value. We provide IT consulting, workshops and research, specialized in the fields of IT value-based management and project management. Our experienced program and project managers can take complete responsibility for the project delivery or components of the project execution. 

The IT Value-Based Project Delivery practice is focused on stakeholder economic value, including:

1. PMO Governance, Policy, and Practice                              4. Project Risk and Benefit Assessment                                      
2. Investment and Portfolio Management                             5. Project Performance Measurement and Value Realization          
3. Program Evaluation                                                        6. Project Planning and Delivery                                               

How much should management care about IT investment and value? A lot. Many managers see IT as just a necessity of doing business or as a business enabler; not a capability that can drive the business. The truth is, your organization won’t see optimal results without effective IT value-based management. Time to get the bang from your IT buck.

Value-Based Client Accomplishments:

  • Managed international teams & major programs/projects, across Europe, Asia & the Americas, delivering multi-million projects on time & on budget - realizing top and bottom line results. Building, refreshing, turnaround and managing 12 project management offices (PMO)
  • Defined strategic direction & benefit realization for a major Canadian bank, identifying $150m cost reduction over 3 years. 2003 cost reduction target on-track at $34m, while improving service quarterly
  • Built IT operations & staff across 5 Latin American countries, for a start-up telecommunications provider. Deployed e-Business & customer service common processes, replacing 5 legacy operations, saving $4m/year
  • Deployed a common computing & networking environment for a Fortune 500 hi-tech. company, saving $6m/year in support costs. Outsourced NT environment to Exodus & built regional data centers, saving $1.5m/year
  • Developed & deployed a global web customer information knowledge management system, saving $56m in annual costs, deploying worldwide to 15,000 sales & marketing employees
  • Led deployment of two separate CRM global programs – Clarify & Siebel - streamlining customer- facing processes to 35,000 employees, improving service quality by 15% & incremental revenue
  • Implemented regional SCM – Baan/Oracle - re-engineering processes. Moved a $500m Brazilian business into an integrated manufacturing, logistics, inventory & financial system. Implemented in France within 6 months
  • Lead B2B & e-Business strategy & deployed to major customers/partners, building revenue to $10m/month & saving order fulfillment costs
  • Deployed workforce management nationally across 250 retail stores, accommodating over 6,000 employees, deriving an IRR = 20%
  • Managed project portfolio for bank merger and integration, within 15 months, moving to one banking platform