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The IT Value Network: From IT Investment to Stakeholder Value

How much should management care about IT investment and value? A lot. Many managers see IT as just a necessity of doing business or as a business enabler; not a capability that can drive the business. The truth is, your organization won’t see optimal results without effective IT value-based management. Time to get the bang from your IT buck.

Strategic and forward-looking, The IT Value Network: From IT Investment to Stakeholder Value offers an innovative perspective, challenging you to align IT spending more effectively to your company’s business strategy, value system, and the business network, for sustained competitive advantage or network advantage.


A true road map for value-creation, realizing bottom-line dollars and intellectual capital, The IT Value Network: From IT Investment to Stakeholder Value reveals:

  • A proven framework to unlock and realize IT value, bridging the value gap between the CIO and business partners, especially the CFO and the Board
  • How value needs to be triangulated using various financial-based, organizational-based measures, applying the IT value index scorecard and the IT value portfolio
  • Six degrees of IT value management to maximize stakeholder economic value
  • Case studies demonstrating how four companies in the banking, financial, retail, and high-tech/telecommunications industries realized IT value
  • IT value maturity model, check list, and tool kit for easy implementation

Maximize stakeholder economic value. Gain sustained competitive advantage or network advantage from IT investment and spending. Lead your entire organization to new realms of success in today’s challenging economic climate, through the visionary methods and techniques found in The IT Value Network: From IT Investment to Stakeholder Value.

The IT Value Network: From IT Investment to Stakeholder Value is grounded in proven techniques—as demonstrated in case studies of companies in various industries that have captured, enabled, optimized, and realized stakeholder economic value through IT value-based management.

Now you can build a complete IT value proposition, extending beyond company boundaries, and advance from the conventional approaches to IT value measurement and management with the hands-on guidance found in The IT Value Network.

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